Collective exhibition “Under the Wave”, in the mythic swimming-pool complex “Molitor”.

Realization by Mademoiselle Maurice of 3 installations (winter cabin, suspension in the winter pool and hall of reception) and presentation of 3 canvas “Bullshit”, “Mandala” “Spectre 148-01”)

Exhibition from September, 15 to November, 30.

Opening the OCtober, 9, 2014.

An Auction sale will be at the end of the exhibition.


Anthony Alberti “Mr One Teas”

Antoine stevens


Cadija Costa

Carmen Mariscal

Damien Paul Gal

Danielle Gutman-HopenBlum

Diadji Diop


Fred Calmets


Kan / Da Mental Vapors



L’artist ouvrier

Mademoiselle Maurice

Remy Uno

Shuck one

STF Moscato

Thom Thom

Thomas Mainardi

Wen Ji

Project proposed by Balder and Laurent Jais.

With the collaboration and the help of Joyce Attali and the Molitor’s Team.

Thank to all the team!