Solo Show

As part of her second Parisian solo show entitled “Libertad”, Mademoiselle Maurice presents new books on origami inspired by her recent travels and encounters. As evoked by the title, it will be among other issues of freedom and nature, declined over thirty pieces including two large formats and several facilities in the heart of the space of the gallery.

If one seeks to define the term of freedom, a few lines are obviously not enough, as its meaning is plural. Starting from Article 6 of the Second Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1793: “Freedom is the power that belongs to man to do all that does not harm the rights of others: he has as a principle nature; (…) its moral limit is in this maxim: do not do to another what you do not want to be done to you “. In the light of Mademoiselle Maurice’s work, this definition could be extended to all that is not the man and that the latter continues to sack in the name of globalization. Is it not said that Nature takes back her rights and that she has her own law?
Biodiversity is at the center of the origami artist’s artistic preoccupations: she strives to include her in chromatic circles as if to get her out of her huts. Over the proposed works, rainbows stand out on ranges of whites, blacks and golds, with backgrounds and other assemblages of colors that differ from the textured paintings she has accustomed us to. The origamis of metal in one of the installations echo the paper, and the smooth surfaces oppose the relief of the folded leaves, in a symphony of canvases and supports recycled and transformed.

The movement is also carefully studied to show the full extent of the teeming world of fauna and flora, similar to that observed during a trip to Colombia in 2017. The urban plants emerging from a crack, the roof of a house in Bogota, a hole in the bitumen, commonly called weeds, is sublimated. The artist proposes in the gallery a mini observatory of wild nature that tirelessly defies concrete and weed killers. Freedom is presented in the form of a metaphor: the small grass that struggles to push through a pile of rubble is comparable to the individual who fights for his freedoms.

It’s basically the same fight that takes shape in the hollow of the colorful forest of Mademoiselle Maurice: to be on Earth and in the earth to take root, in a word to exist. The whole set design recalls the cosmos and everything that is in the image of the stars. Like the figure of the circle, symbol of the infinite, sun, moon, seas, fish and birds shape these landscapes of freedom where the four elements make sail the spirit between basic instinct of survival and desire to live free. The bird or the flying fish also personify the franking of cages or barriers. The artist literally gives wings to his own creativity, his desire to always renew himself, to leave comfort zones and clichés. Mademoiselle Maurice’s lyrical and shimmering flights are to be seen from April 6 to May 12 and – is it necessary to call him back? – the entrance is FREE!


Practical information :
MathGoth Gallery
34, rue Hélène Brion – 75013 Paris
From April 6 to May 12, 2018
From Wednesday to Saturday from 14 to 19 hours
Opening in the presence of the artist on Friday, April 6th from 6 pm