Re-interpretation of the “LISBON” bench by Mademoiselle Maurice.

A product made in France in a factory manufacturing and inventing family of urban furniture Area , based in Toulouse!

(and with a great heating system of the factory working with the falling wood used to make some pieces of street furniture!)


Below, a small contemplative text that explains the work:

It all started with meetings.

That of a passionate family and an urban artist.

The meeting of stories, sharing and memories.

The meeting of common desires.

More than urban furniture, we talk about Nature and Nostalgia.

The grandmother who grows her vegetable garden.

The moment stops.

The pause is marked.

We look at her, we admire her.

This grandmother who gives life to the earth and born life.

From far away we look at her.

Sitting on this bench, ready for this tree.

Nature feels.

Heat of the sun’s rays, purity of the air,

Fine breeze in the hair, smell of cut grass.

There are precious moments of life that we want to keep forever.

There are times that we search again.

Time slowing down, contemplation.

In the city, under the tree, you can stop, look.

The bench invites us to sit, to rest, to rest.

In this interpretation the artist Mademoiselle Maurice

Wanted to create a little poetry and revive memories.

Poetry of beauty offered by Mother Nature.

Nature that will always take back its rights.

Nature that could always a little more merge with our daily life.

The subjects interact and meet.

Dark and cold color of steel,

Bright and delicate colors of folded paper.

The rainbow dresses the bench, colors it, makes it bloom.

The branch, future tree, used the seat as support.

The latter raises him, as a springboard that gives birth to fulfillment.

Under the branch one contemplates, sitting on this bench,

The bubbling life of nature and men.

Men without roof will find in this bench a soft bed.

Man without roof the work offers you a paper mattress.

Man, for you, a moment suspended.

At your feet will bloom the white flowers.

The rainbow will welcome you,

The colored spheres will fly,

And your spirit will rise.


Thanks Area!

Thank you Laure and all the team!