Under the ARTAQ festival and for several months, I participate in a cultural mediation project to share with the public an artistic and urban project.

Angevins have been at the heart of the project, and become authors and participants of a gigantic urban artistic work.

Since January, with the cultural team of the city, including two artists mediators, Yan and Cecilia, we work in different places. It is generally present what street art, and my work as its origin, my approach, and the purpose of the action in the city.

The Angevin could be introduced to the art of folding in manufacture thousands, with the ultimate goal of seeing origami compose several urban spectra.

We intervened in nearly twenty places, such as leisure centers, schools (from kindergarten to high school), but also within the prison.

Workshops were held every Tuesday afternoon.

30,000 folds were collected through the motivation of Anjou, large and small.

With these folds, I first, a few days before the festival realized two installations. A portrait on the banks of Maine (pictures below) and a geometric composition on the fence of the cathedral (see in creation). (HUGE thanks to Benzo and Margaux were me invaluable help!)

Wednesday, May 29 Friday, May 31, hundreds of Angevins, children, schoolchildren, college students, housewife, retired and so on came lend to invest the steps of Montée St-Maurice hand! (See in Creations “). We partially covered the grand staircase to adorn an impressive color spectrum, the image of” a land of flowers in the middle of which you can change.

You will find on the site the pictures of the project!

I also wanted in this way to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in any way in this project.

THANK you for all these folds Angevins, you guaranteed! Thank you for coming despite the rain stick, Thanks for trusting me, and thank you for your motivation!

THANK Claudine, Lucia Cecilia Yan, Margaux, Anne-Cécile Chantal and everyone in the cultural department of the city of Angers. I keep a wonderful memory of this adventure, thanks to you, the means put in place and your confidence.

And because the festival would not exist without its artists, thank you for JBC, Roti, Lek and Sowat Philippe Bonand the collective Painthouse, Wen-Ji Yan and also Bernard and Cecile Benoiton (not as mediators but also artists ). Thank you for all those appetizers, and sharing great moments of fun, it was my first festival of street art, and I’m that lonely yet in my creations, and there, it was damn good to be with you all and you have discovered for the most! <3 (violins)