Thanks to SKIN organisation, which is fighting against breast cancer.

Creations in pairs: A woman reached or has been diagnosed with breast cancer + an artist.

Our answer with Magali, who accompanied me in this project.

Thank you for her courage, her good humor, her rage.

Between us we wanted to convey anger at the disease …

And there it during the fight, but after,

Just as there is the front, breasts, present or missing, but also the scars that remain, both physically and psychologically …

Then “FUCK” in color and poetry, is also this hope and the path of combat!

Many thanks to Magali for trusting me, for having lent his back as a backdrop and for trying to show her scars. “As we are”

SKIN A big thank you to the team and especially to Cécile Cleach!

(Sorry for my bad english)