These few small pieces were made in late 2017 / early 2018 for the Christmas exhibition at the Backside gallery.
The works of Mademoiselle Maurice can be imagined on walls in XXL format or as here on miniature paintings.

Origamis were made by hand and tweezers with paper (as always by the artist herself), the paintings are embellished with paint and a textured background.
For the first time, these miniatures feature origami in black & white and not in rainbow colors as usual in the work of the artist. This makes the connection with the use of metal folding and color painting.

The artist has also produced a series of 20 unique and limited pieces and for the first time used the technique of linocut, for the Christmas exhibition at the Backside gallery. Before the linocut step, a rainbow-colored inset was made with a brush. Then the linocut was realized and enhanced with 6 elements of black folded papers.
The artist maintains a special relationship with the Backside gallery, because it had offered the artist his first solo show in a big city in France. The designer has presented these linocuts especially for this gallery, but also because it was not paintings but works presented in multiple.

These thumbnails are sold out but other miniatures are available at the MathGoth gallery.

The artist chose to work in France exclusively with the MathGoth gallery first and foremost for their human and trustful relationship, for their efficiency, their benevolence, their professionalism and their follow-up work with the artists.

“I had the chance to present two solo shows at the MathGoth Gallery.
First and foremost, I really want to invest in the urban space and even if the creation of miniature paintings could prove to be “profitable”, I do not want to enter into a great production of paintings in order to remain in a process, as much as possible, purity, honesty, pleasure and authenticity. “