In partnership with Snez (EMES CREW) and on an invitation from the association PIXO: realization of a wooden construction with and for children.
Realization acting as a playhouse on which children can climb, jump and have fun! Made from recycled materials.
The general shape evokes a boat that wants to go sailing on water. The children were able to assist and help with the construction, but especially to paint the entire work with rollers for the background, enhanced with spray paint, thus becoming familiar with two different painting techniques.
This intervention was completed by presentations of visuals, but also origami workshops initiated by Maurice and Snez to introduce this technique to children. Some of the origami made were hung in the cabin.
Marcello Borges realized a pirate’s head with and for the children.

Artistic residency of more than one month spent in Brazil with the association Pixo (association which coordinates artistic residences crossed between France and Brazil).

Many thanks to Agathae and Arthur and all their families for their invitation, welcome and resources made available for this beautiful socio-cultural project.