On the occasion of Paris Design Week, the Carrousel du Louvre presents the exhibition “Le design fait la pluie et le beau temps” from September 5 to October 4, 2015.
For the occasion, the Carrousel invites five young artists to give their contemporary and playful vision of the same theme. This year, the theme is reminiscent of the imminent arrival of the major climate conference to be hosted by Paris in the autumn: “Make rain and good weather at the Carrousel du Louvre”.
The five artists are: Akay, Benjamin Isidore Juveneton, Clementine Henrion, Mademoiselle Maurice and Who is Paul? Mixing design and art in works inspired by the delicate cycle of the seasons, meteorological phenomena and the passing of time, the exhibition of the Carrousel du Louvre offers an aesthetic vision of the eternal problems posed by the weather and by the time, in every sense of the word.
Mademoiselle Maurice chose to work on the theme of the aurora borealis through this installation.