Text below the pictures

I walk, you walk, she walks…
The eyes stare. We see, we look, we scrutinize.
Surprise, smile, admiration, pity, incomprehension, surprise, sometimes anger; such are the feelings which can live in our body and in our heart when we are understand the mass surrounding us.
The street parades, comes to light, swarms with hundreds of souls.

We walk, you walk, they walk…

In front of, the stranger who tramples. In front of, the woman who thinks, the man who calculates, the child who sings. All transport their thoughts, their history, and their life.
Strangers that we shall never cross again or those we have already seen or shall see again.
Strangers of a day, of a minute, of a moment stolen from time.

Moment stolen from the street, short-lived but captured. Unique moment which will not be seen again. The situation is exceptional, unexpected.

The use of the fisheye allows both to isolate the character taken in obvious offence of life and sublimating him within its environment. He becomes the centre of an urban show not to say rural. His entire silhouette gets out from the background of the set, which is both a constraint and a stand.

So, the wide angle offers a panoramic vision which insists  first of all, on the foreground character, before opening on a second shot which tends to offer a maximum of clues on the atmosphere of the shooting.
Finally, the fisheye gets a faithful vision of the reality, as a whole, which does not lie, which hides nothing. We do not limit ourselves to a restricted shooting angle but on the contrary we extend in a more 180 degrees wide vision, as if our eye was just shooting the photo immediately.

The circular centring allows evoking directly the bull’s-eye. This hole by which we spy on, we observe, and which places as ¬ęspectator of the other one “, the one who is in front of the door.

Here, we are in the street, outdoors, in public places and the photographer steals from life passing by,¬† fragments of passage by playing the role of the thief of images, even a little hunter” of essence of identity “.
Every moment is unique, everyone is unique and the visible characters of a person are as imprisoned into the image.
That is why, this series taken with a fisheye lens tends to show a wide range of striking characters, on the way they walk, the silhouette as well as the way they dress.
Every back profile portrait elaborates around a universe, of a moment which arrives at random, in the bend of a street, in an unpredictable way, which has to be captured quickly, to continue without stopping.

Therefore, every silhouette, anonymous character, every actor of the street transports its set of colours, forms, to recreate portraits which each can consider as its own, imagine, transform according to its wills, to its memories and to its feelings.

Each photo offers a circular window on life, stops a movement, and freezes the time.
The series is considered as a collection of small samples of life, through us, the people who move on the road of our existence, our dream, our world, along the route which we follow the best we can, in our own way.