The street art fest is the first festival in Europe to show Street Art in its entirety and its plurality of disciplines:
Monumental frescoes – traditional frescoes – collages – stencils – urban sculptures – installations – photography –
works on canvas – digital works – anamorphoses – Street Art Naturel – videos … and of course exhibitions are on the program.

Artists who have already participated in the festival:
Sainer – Pantonio – Isaac Cordal – Sebas Velasco – Seth – The Blind – Ernest Pinion Ernest – Nevercrew, etc.

The work created by Mademoiselle Maurice as part of the 2018 edition was made from acrylic paint, aerosols and metal origami.
The perennial work is to discover Avenue du Vercor Fontaine (city attached to Grenoble).
It represents a figure between the flower and the mandala with petals that disperse in the wind. This pictorial floral canvas is inserted in a setting in the middle of the mountains.

Some of the photographs in this article were done by Andrea Berlese.

A huge thank you to Jérôme cat for the invitation and a big thank you to Benoit, my lift partner! Thanks also to all the volunteers of Street Art Fest without whom all this would be possible.