The festival IN CITE in Carhaix, it is live performances of street Artists accompanied by a cycle of documentary films.
Through this event, four areas of work are addressed: the question of the presence of street art in the country towns, the question of urbanism and dynamism of the centers of small towns, the ecology and the place of women in the street art movement.

For this, the festival has invited artists to invest the streets, the facades of houses, shop windows and squares of the small town of Carhaix, in the center of Finistère but also the guest writers who will speak, each in their own way of these topics that are important to us.

Guest artists: Philippe Chevrinais, Belle de Bitume, Gildas Bitout, Griffe Grafik, Hoz, Mademoiselle Maurice and Les Fourmi-es.

Guest writers: “Pose ta bombe” of Elodie Sylvain and Charlotte Ricou, “Mauvaises Herbes” of Catherine Wielant, “Graffiti Dixit Art” of Cécile Gamard.

A big thank you to the festival for the invitation and for taking care of us. Big up!