(Text of the project below the photos)

The photo has always appeared to me not as a “canvas”, a composition that is sufficient in itself but as a fragment of a scene, a moment, a mood. I never try to take “touristic pictures” , as I call them. This kind of picture where you want to show everything and create a “composition” that stands on its own. Photography has always been for me a way to capture the moment, the emotion of the moment, and most importantly, to preserve the memory. Just remember that to be revived by mere detail, a simple colorful identity. You can not photograph everything, the frame has its limits, things are not fixed or eternal. We do not choose all items, we choose just what you want to take. The small part of what we want to keep. Remember now, who accompanied me, around me, the ambiance, the smells and my feelings at the time of the shooting. Therefore, I have previously given special importance to details and colors. These two elements are fundamental and are the ones that attract me, make me want to immortalize the moment, provided that the mood and atmosphere is right.

With this serie of vagueness, I want to keep these two parameters, going to the essential. Despite the omnipresent blur, it is to continue to transcribe colors and shapes and to revive the scene. The photograph can steal a frame and then transcribe it. Thus, the appropriation of framing is the same but the scene is custom colors and simplified forms shortened. It’s like they are trying to capture some images of a wild sweet dream. The connection between dreams and reality is pervasive and often during the shooting, the eye in the viewfinder, slow breathing, I feel like a dream, like behind a protective cover when I am only a spectator of ghost show of colors and shapes.

Just have to fix them on paper, prisoners behind their veils nebulous … Just listen and imagine them dancing, continuing their movement behind which remains their sparkling …