“A MOMENT IN TIME” is an exhibition of new works by contemporary female street & graffiti artists. The show will consist of new works by a selection of emerging and established artists from around the globe. This will be the first time that some of the artists will have been exhibited in the UK. The exhibition will run alongside the major exhibition of contemporary art by female artists, Champagne Life. 

In visual above, the two paintings presented at the exhibition by Mademoiselle Maurice.
– White background, white origami: “Dream”
– Black background, black origami: “Holy shit”, canvas started three days before the tragic events against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo on January 7, 2015 …

The artists featured in the exhibition include Aiko (Japan/USA), Alice Pasquini (Italy), Caratoes (Belgium/Hong Kong), Martha Cooper (USA), Crajes (Spain), Elle (USA), Faith47 (South Africa), Handiedan (Netherlands), Hera (Germany), Hueman (USA), Lora Zombie (Russia), Mademoiselle Maurice (France), Marina Zumi (Argentina), Mimi S (Germany), Miss Van (France), Olek (Poland), Sandra Chevrier (Canada), Vexta (Australia) and Zabou (France). 

Supported by Yasha Young (Urban Nation), Curated by Olly Walker