What a pleasure to be invited to the Yardworks Festival! One of the biggest festival of Graffiti in Europe!

I felt like a child, a beginner, surrounded by all this master of Graffiti like Smug One, Voyder, Banzai, Saturno, Baker, Insane 51, Dose, Fanakapan and others! I went there with my brushes and hundreds of origami!

With my “cute” technique of birds and flowers folded, I decided to laugh of my situation (because I am far to be a master with the spray….) and wrote a big THUG! (with around paintings inspired by the tibetan drawings: the Thangkas: representation of Nature)

Thank you all the team! Especially Marianne and Gaz! and to all the others artists!

Was a great time there!

And big up to the graffiti, the essence of the visual urban art.