China – Haikou Island – For the HIYEAF Festival – With Thinking Hands organization.

2014 September.

4 installations:

-A triangular spectrum at the University.

-A AK47 in the garden / museum of the war. AK47, the power of letters and numbers, colors, unity and solidarity stronger than a gun. (Tribute to the work of Zhang Dali and Ai Weiwei)

-Museum of the city: Moon and Sun – Love and Peace

-A temptation of creation in the street on the door of a home… But installation not completed because of lucky things, because put elements on the door in a house is giving bad feelings for the people inside..; Therefore: blue is forbidden on the top of the door… Red is ok..

Thank you to all the team and all the volunteers!

And thinkings about all the victims who lived the typhon which was the days before the installations.

Colors and poetry… for them