Discover the video of the installation here :

Next to Surabaya is Malang and it is here that the blue village is located.

The artist has been invited to create a perennial work of origami metal.
Entirely painted in blue, the village includes one of the best teams of supporters of the Arema football team and whose motto is “Go go Arema Go”!
The completed work takes the logo of the supporters of the team!

Mademoiselle Maurice was also invited to offer an introductory origami workshop at an orphanage in Malong.

Thank you to RuangKamera for their pics :)

The artist especially thanks S├ęphora Tan and the whole team of the French Institute for his invitation, as well as the Kampung-Biru team for their wonderful welcome, worthy of a presidential welcome!

Thanks also to Snez for his support on this project.