Order made for the Conservatory of MusicĀ  of APT.

Realization of two giants kakemonos (6mx1, 60m) that you can find actually in the new building renovated of the conservatory.

Made on canvas recovery.

Technical: Foldings of colored paper and paper music partition, collage and painting.

Visuals projected during the outdoor concert of the work “Tableaux d’une exposition” by Mussorgsky, played in June 2013 and directed by Michel Rey.

During the night concert, installation of an ephemeral work in the background of the musicians.

Before the concert, participation of youth houses and installation on the trees of the aisle leading to the scene some hundreds of foldings.

A huge thank you to all the team and the people who accompanied and supported the project.

Thank you to all the youth and leaders to participate in the preparation and installation of the work suspended.

Thank you to all the technicians for their help

Thank you to the conservatory for the provision of mucic paper and for making me live a week of residency in music, it was an amazing experience, just as ephemeral installation that I had the chance to realize accompanied by dozens of incredible instruments!

Thank you to all the musicians,

Finally, a special thank you to Bakta for his kindness, his professionalism and support from any point of view,

And also thanks to Michel Rey for finding me and trust for this project and for letting go the visual arts in the world of music conservatory, again!

Was a great musical and human adventure!