At Parc de La Villette,

2015, March.

With ART AZOI organization!

Walls of free expression, intervention after LEMODULEDEZEER and just before RERO and THOMTHOM!

2 big walls.

2 months of presentation.

Intervention of Maurice with 3000 elements created by hand with love…From a last project, paper no used reused here.

A wave, a movement,

Title: “Bee Queen”.

An hymn to the Nature, because we are linked to her,

tribute to the bees, at their work, their work and the equilibrium of the life.

“We are not plastic eaters”

Bees > Polen > Flowers > Fruits, Vegetables > Food for human.

A big thank you to Elise, Art Azoi team, Michel, Agathae, and Villette team and Rebecca!