Making of for realization of the famous the “M.U.R” in Paris, rue Oberkampf.

January, 25, 2014.

Frozen day.

Installation with spectral colors again, with hexagons, a ” FUCK ” and some white.

This time I wanted to put my angry on the wall. A representation that remains and will always remain the same and highlights the HUMAN / NATURE link. The use of hexagons in the image of nature , its perfection and simplicity , when we think of hexagonal shapes found in the natural environment in their development.

Universal colors, naive , but still a symbol of union , tolerance , and harmony.

White composition for a simplified and abstract representation of the symbols of some great religions ( Christian , Judaic , Muslim ..)

Once again, the man is put in the foreground, nature too.

We are equal , we will remain equal , and nature does not belong to us, but we belong to it ,  we have to live in harmony with it, and also between us , regardless of our origin and our beliefs.

An overall positive message , harmonious, soft representation , countered by a word, a single FUCK .

Generally my approach is not only to take sides or get involved directly , I’m just looking to build links , connections, and seeks to ensure that the viewer wonders , is questioning and dialogue creates.

This time , I wanted to get involved .

Just because the day before the installation, in Paris,a big manifestation of people I call  the “ANTI (AGAIN) ”  … People again wedding for all , anti- abortion, extremists, nationalists.

My answer was simple: just a FUCK .

Because everyone is free. And everyone must remain. That deprivation of freedoms and fighting there seem to me ridiculous face to environmental and humanitarian emergencies.

Just want to refocus priorities, my priorities, and seek as a goal “happiness” and not hatred.

A simple message, as if it were message of a child.

Thank you so much at the association LE M.U.R for it invitation, and to its members.

Thanks more in particular to TomTom and Laurence for their attention.

And to everybody that I forgot, Bob, Hélène, Elodie, and this others in the shadow..

Thanks to Fabien Bouchard / for the photo report and credits.