In this former Foundry closed in 1959, is now installed the MAUSA, Museum of Street Art.
The first museum dedicated to the history of Street Art in France.

On the occasion of the opening of the museum in June 2017, the MAUSA invited among other 15 artists to invest the space of 22 000 m2: Atlas, Mosko, Sly2, Evazesir, Leo Mordac, Onsept, Photograffee, Quick , Réaone, Rero, Wayne, Levalet …

Mademoiselle Maurice made her second wall in metal origami, perennial, with painting :)

The project is in theory beautiful, especially far from the big cities, but in practice, it is necessary to know that the invited artists (Mademoiselle Maurice, RéaOne, Wayne, Onsept, Sly2, 2 AC) have still not been paid despite the signed contract with MAUSA. Neither the services performed have been paid nor the reimbursement of expenses of each of the artists! (Transport, equipment .. etc)

A group of 6 artists above has called on a lawyer to defend their right to all. Let’s hope that justice offers redress!

Case to follow …