When I do not do XXL intervention on walls or in suspension, I sometimes create miniature creations.

  • The first two pieces were made for the group exhibition “Format Raisin” which was organized by the MathGoth Gallery between January and February 2017. The exhibition brought together the following artists:
    Hera (DE) – Addison Karl (US) OEUVRES – AKACORLEONE (PT) – Akut (DE) – Alëxone Dizac (FR) – Anthony Lister (AS) – Aurel Rubbish (FR) – C215 (FR) – Case Maclaim (DE) – Jean Faucheur (FR) – Fintan Magee (AS) – Herakut (DE) – Jef Aérosol (FR) – SHOK-1 (UK) – Stew (FR) – TWOONE (JP) – Yash (SE) – Gérard Zlotykamien (FR) – Mademoiselle Maurice (FR)

“In France, in the Middle Ages, a watermark appeared on the papers of certified origin.At each format corresponded a symbol: a bell, a crown, or the big eagle or the Jesus.The format 50 x 65 cm wore a Bunch of Grapes For “Grape Format”, each artist has been invited to create a work on paper, size … 50x 65 cm. ”

  • The 4 miniature paintings were made for the opening of the place: “L’Usine à Gouzou Gouzou”, on the island of Reunion and on an invitation from the artist JACE.
  • The other pieces were made for an exhibition at the MathGoth Gallery.

Beyond the work of origami paper or metal as a background and medium, I also work lead pencil, ink, etc.

Some of the exhibits on Reunion Island are still available. All the other pieces presented in this article have found purchaser. But other pieces are currently available at the MathGoth Gallery, exhibition visible until May 12, 2018!

For more info on the acquisition of miniatures: http://www.mathgoth.com