2013, August,

Mademoiselle Maurice has been invited by the general hospital in Singapore to realize a wall of 30 meters.

The Singhealth service contact me to give a positive message about gift of blood/organs or other.

Months before, people of the hospital, doctor, patient, children and schools of Singapore fold 1.000.000 of origamis flowers!

The message of this operation was: “gift of life , gift of hope”.

I chose to put this words on the wall and to create something like an ECG line.

In my work, the thousands of folding are at the image of thousands of people in a common action, in this situation, this image makes senses, and give a beautiful feeling of sharing and solidarity.

A big thank you to all the people cho participate to the project, to the team of the Singhealth transplant, and especially to Toby Huynh for her kindness and to find me!

I keep a beautiful remember of this asian trip!