Wall made by the E.M.E.S crew (duo Mademoiselle Maurice + Snez), on an invitation from the association Pixo with whom the two artists had already gone to Brazil in 2017.

Investment of the Golden Age wall to the Tolbiac metro in Paris.
Each year, the association Pixo invites different artists to invest this wall.

The proposal of E.M.E.S was to realize a work partly figurative and partly abstract.

A work that evokes the seabed while making the link with the terrestrial world
with a whole series of fish made by Snez, who only used aerosol sprays.
Mademoiselle Maurice, meanwhile, realized a circle of light with a flight of paper birds that come to dialogue with the fish a little as if land and sea met.
The fish fly upward, like wanting to go to the surface to meet a world that hopefully is preserved to the maximum of any pollution.

A work apparently naive but trying to offer a certain dream and hope once again, bring the protection of our mother nature.

Thank you and big up to Agathe & Arthur for their investment and their invitation!