At “La Grande Borne” in Grigny, France.
On a wall of 10 by 12 meters!
A project realised with the compagnie “La Constellation”.
Background with painting, some black lines and hundreds of painted metal birds!
A “Forever” wall!
Message about harmony, living together, peace.
Rainbow for love.
White birds for hope.
Freedom with the flying birds.
Connection between us, the ground, the sky.
Cycles of our seasons and of the time.
Try to put some poetry in this special district of the suburb of Paris.
Big Thanks the company LA CONSTELLATION for their invitation! Big up at the team: Alex, Elo, Beru, Lea, Emilie and Hélène!
Big thanks to my assistant on the lift: Benoit Debauge!
And big up to the people working everyday in the district: Mister Ba and David!
Thanks to all the people living there for their welcoming: children, teenagers, parents, grand-parents!
I slept just near the wall: it was like at home!
Hope you will enjoy everyday the colors and the message: that’s for you :)