Edition #74 Opus Délits, chez Critères Editions :
“Mademoiselle Maurice, Origamismes vivants”

The collection Opus Délits is the largest collection of books on street art in Europe.

Description: The street-artist Mademoiselle Maurice has made the art of folding the central core of her know-how and style. A singular and unprecedented challenge in the history of urban art. Her delicate objects glued to the concrete, associated with the palette of colors of the rainbow, allow the visual artist to redo beat the pulse of the city. Supports to think, his creations arise at the turn of a facade to bring down ours: Mademoiselle Maurice challenges, questions, rethinks urban architectures to reinject chlorophyll, sun and sea.

Monograph (paperback book)
Author: Chrixcel
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9782370260536
Release date: 2017-05-19

Available here: http://criteres-editions.com/accueil/183-74-mademoiselle-maurice-origamismes-vivants-9782370260536.html

The Opus Délits #74 is available in all bookstores. We can only encourage you to go buy it from the small independent booksellers;)

The artist thanks the entire editorial team and author Chrixcel for their fantastic work!