As part of a workshop at the Palais de Tokyo, and with the Post-it brand, it is to make a huge participatory installation.

The large space in the rotunda was invested.

My proposal was to develop scenic space into two parts: a first welcomed the audience, composed of a multitude of blue and white deckchair, blue carpet, evoking the aquatic environment. Participants could sit with a small wooden plank on the knees to bend the post-its.

The folding of these beasts think color can also imagine a second life for these post-its that are often used in large quantities and recycling.

Each participant had the opportunity to record a thought, a wish or the name of a loved one within the fold.

These were spherical in shape, and to fix them to small wooden sticks.

The other part of the set design was composed of sand (3 5 tons!) And arranged to reproduce a new continent with its islands.

One can thus imagine a new utopian world filled with positive thoughts and hope.

The folds of the participants created on this stretch of sand a huge spectrum of color, as if sailing on a sea of sand thousands of thoughts.

A hymn to humanity, but that will not either reminiscent of the human impact on the environment.

This facility was designed to move, but also to feel the public concerned, being an actor and author of a work of art.

I especially thank the staff of the Palais de Tokyo for the confidence they have given me and the means they have available to me!