Art and Paper: towards responsible consumption!

As part of the Week of Waste Reduction 2012, Louis Vuitton has proposed a campaign staff of its Corporate Headquarters in Paris based on an artistic concept, to highlight the importance of saving and recycling paper.

My proposal was to reinterpret the portrait of Monsieur Louis Vuitton thanks to the support and leadership of the UPCYCLERIE. I thus shaped artistically recovered in wastebaskets to create a unique figurative work and ephemeral paper.

For this work, the image of a character from the past who left a great legacy, I wanted to create a link between generations – marked by correspondence between past, present and future – which serves to underscore the importance of the natural heritage, our heritage and the role we have to play for their transmission.

Size of the plant: 8m80 by 2m80

Number of origami used: 1700

Copyright photographs Romain Ricard

Thank you not to use these images without permission