The collective and traveling exhibition “Caillou, Papier, Scissors”, with the artists Hirotoshi Ito, Bullitt Ballabeni and Mademoiselle Maurice, took place in the three Spacejunk art centers of Grenoble, Lyon and Bayonne between February 2 and March 31, 2018.

“CAILLOU, PAPIER, SCISSORS” is a poetic journey to discover the surrealist worlds of three visual artists who give life to the material.
Hirotoshi Ito transforms the stone, Mademoiselle Maurice gives birth to works of paper and Bullitt Ballabeni sculpts the metal.
These materials are the tools and inspirations of their sculptural creations and supernatural installations.

The painting with grayscale background, pixo writing and the acrylic painting was made by Snez (with whom Mademoiselle Maurice forms the duo emes crew).

The artist thanks Jerome Catz and all the Spacejunk team for their invitation and the realization of the Mandala in situ in each of the Spacejunk centers. A first for the artist who could not move in each of the three cities to install his Mandala, the teams of the centers then followed a photo protocol to mount the Mandala! Thanks to them :)