” “CYCLES LUNAIRES” by Mademoiselle Maurice is an ephemeral work realized as part of the restructuring of the Paul Bourget city in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.
The building to be destroyed at the end of 2016 to make room for new constructions more modern and more pleasant to live.
This is the largest artistic fresco in Paris intramural (2000 m²). The building is 140 meters long and 15 meters high.

After repainting the entire black façade, the artist glued his 15,000 paper origami (about 150 hours of folding). The colorful folds are against the black and dark background, to release a work full of hope and optimism.

The weather during these 3 weeks will have been catastrophic. Many rains began the first week of installation, but origamis were holding … Nevertheless, they will not all have withstood the storm of Saturday and thus were unhooked thousands of birds already installed on the facade. Mademoiselle Maurice had to find solutions and adapt. This is how she created the “Maurigamis”, allowing her to paint her birds. The result is bluffing and opens new perspectives of work to the artist.

The artist is aware that in a demolition operation, moving and changing the daily living environment, are inevitably destabilizing. That’s why Mademoiselle Maurice wanted to create a resolutely positive work, in order to help the inhabitants to better overcome this ordeal. ”

A big thank you to the gallery MathGoth for this invitation and for the proposal of this great wall ever made in Paris, thank you for technical support, material, financial and human, but also for beers and your kindness;)

Thank you also to all the partners of the event, and a big up to my Michel, super lift driver and great poto of the heart :)

A small wink to Jerome Coumet for our little ride in lift !

Some of the photos presented in this article are by Lionel Belluteau. I invite you to visit his super website: www.unoeilquitraine.fr