WWF Creates Art with Tiger Beer to help fight illegal tiger trade – the most immediate threat to wild tigers.

As few as 3890 tigers remain in the wild. Trading tiger parts is a serious crime throughout the world, but the demand for tiger products continues to fuel poaching and trafficking syndicates.
Criminals are turning to digital platforms and social media to sell illegal products such as tiger teeth, claws, parts of their skin, and traditional medicine made with tiger parts.

Six international artists have lent their distinctive style to the #3890tigers project in a show of support against the illegal tiger trade.
Internet users are invited to turn their selfies into works of art on the digital platform to seek their support in the #3890Tigers campaign.
With your commitment, WWF & Tiger Beer are one step closer towards ending illegal tiger trade and doubling tigers in the wild by 2022.

Using art as a weapon, artists inspired to fight the illegal tiger trade are; Hua Tunan, Kenji Chai, Tran Nguyen, Nootk, Nick Gentry and Mademoiselle Maurice.